Royal Lore

Year 0: The Advent of a
New World

Ice End.

Man's brief phrase for ten thousand years of near lifeless existence. But now, with the rise of the Divine Queen Saël Demidea comes the beginning of the Golden Age.

Rejoice! The Sun and Queen Saël bring warmth and heavenly protection to the people of these newly unfrozen lands.


Year 500 :
The Ten Lands

500 years have passed since the melting of the Ice. Five centuries of Queen Saël's uncontested and benevolent rule.

In celebration and tribute to the Gods above, the Queen divides her kingdom into Ten Lands. Each Land imparted with her very essence and soul. Each Land unique, and divinely inspired by the Queen who rules over them.

On this day, the words The ROYALAND were first spoken.


Year 800:
Empire's Edge

Despite Queen SaëlY's labors, the power and limits of her empire have finally been reached. After 800 years, steady progress has been stilled.

The borderlands have proved to be both dangerous and terrible. Strange and menacing creatures invade, wreaking destruction on the Lands and feasting on the flesh of men.

Determined to protect her realm, Queen Saël commissions an army to defend her people. Soldiers, knights, and dames are called to protect her domain and vanquish the beasts. But the depths of The Wilds were bottomless. The bloodshed and torment continued unabated.

And all the while, the wars raged on.


Year 1308 : Öros Emèreis
and The Blood Moon

One thousand three hundred and eight years of hard-won good fortune in a broken world. And for all this time, the people have had but one ruler: the beloved Queen Saël Demidea.

Reigning now for over a millennium, Queen Saël Demidea expects and intends to rule forever. But like Ice before Advent, nothing lasts forever.

From atop her Great Pyramid, Saël gazes toward the heavens. Above her, the perfectly aligned planets of Öros Emèreis come into view. And rising in the east, yet unnoticed, is the Blood Moon.

The day has come. As told in the Dark Prophesy, the Queen has reached her end days.

The New Advent has arrived.